Road Riding

Road cycling, Beechworth

Beechworth, by virtue of its hilltop location, delivers some challenging rides for the road rider. Cycle a few kilometres out of Beechworth and you will find some long hills down, which of course need to be ridden back up, unless you are car shuffling. There are some great rides under 30km and longer rides over 70km. These rides are classified as intermediate to difficult.

Yackandandah, Chiltern, Stanley and Myrtleford are nearby destinations and popular with local riders. Rolling farmland and native forest surround Beechworth making for some delightful scenery and views.

For those riders who like a coffee or quiet ale post ride, Beechworth will not disappoint. Beechworth boast as great range of cafes, restaurtans and pubs, a welcome site for the thirsty and hungry (and weary!) rider.