We are keeping our community safe by closing the Beechworth Historic Precinct in response to COVID-19. Stay informed with the lastest government information:

Burke Museum & Historic Precinct

The Beechworth Historic Precinct consists of the Burke Museum, Courthouse, Telegraph Station, Powder Magazine and Vault. Each building has a story to tell, with its contents adding layer upon layer of fascinating detail on subjects such as Ned Kelly, the Gold Rush, the town itself and the colourful people who called it home.

There are few towns so beautifully preserved as Beechworth. With her deep stone gutters and charming little shops - many with an almost identical facade to that of the Gold Rush days, the allure of Beechworth undoubtedly lies in her tangible history.

Stone walls that have watched over 160 years pass are a marvel in themselves, demonstrating the hope once had for the town to become a powerful, wealthy and influential place for far longer than the intense but short lived spurt she did.

The Burke Museum and Historic Precinct are the heart of historic Beechworth, carefully curated to tell the stories that made this town famous. Visit the 'Street of Shops' at the Burke Museum and walk the streets of Beechworth in the 1850s, sit in the judge's chair in the Courthouse and look to the dock where the first woman ever hanged in Australia was trialled. Witness the haunting Death Mask of Ned Kelly at the Vault!