Lake Sambell Walk

McConville Ave Beechworth 3747 MAP
Short Walks
2 kms
40 minutes
Est. Time
Grade 3
Nature Walks Town Walks

This takes you around Lake Sambell leaving from Sandy Beach you will pass the Bird Hide which is on the far side of the lake with signage and photos of the birds and plants in and around Lake Sambell. Continue to the clay banks where there is a photo and signage showing how the lake looked as a mine. The path from here has uneven steps until you come to the new wall near the Chinese Garden, past Rotary Park with toilet’s and BBQ’s and back to Sandy Beach with toilets, BBQ’s and adventure playground for the children. This is the only lake that you can fish for the endangered Trout Cod and take one home with you. It is stocked annually with Golden Perch and twice yearly with Rainbow Trout, Redfin can also be caught. Swimming and non powered boating is allowed