The Benev 

9 Warner Road Beechworth Victoria

With surprise elements to support your wellbeing journey throughout your stay, The Benev suites are simple luxury redefined.

The welcome is warm, with your room inclusive of a refreshment bar, daily do it yourself spa treatments and a light breakfast to enjoy on your first morning. Essential oils take centre stage in a Dabble Bar for you to enjoy at your leisure.

The Benev's beautiful gardens and views set the stage for a simple communal area, honesty bar and wine offering, plus modern wellbeing amenities - such as an onsite world-class spa - The Benev is one of the North East's most sought after and tranquil accommodations. Plus it is a five-minute walk from the centre of town, where you can experience the country charm and people that make this incredible town come alive.

The derelict building was brought back to life to once again to look after people and inspire them to be their best.

Designed to promote modern wellness, The Benev was inspired by owner and wellbeing entrepreneur Debby Donkers' love for connection and belonging. For over 20 years Debby has lived and breathed wellbeing, business and design and longs for people to make the time to connect back to themselves, to make their biggest impact from a place of clarity and confidence.