Beechworth Honey Tasting Counter 

31 Ford Street Beechworth Victoria

Visit the Beechworth Honey Shop for a free honey tasting experience.

Take your pick! Compare and contrast the flavours of over 50 varieties of honey including single varietal honey, creamed honey, and honey infusions!

Their knowledgeable team members will guide you through the diverse flavour profiles of honey, explaining how the bees' floral sources, geographic location, and even weather conditions influence each honey's character. Learn about the critical role the honeybee plays in Australian biodiversity and food security.

Sample as many honeys as your heart (and stomach) desires, indulging your curiosity and finding your perfect match. Whether you're a seasoned honey connoisseur or a wide-eyed honey lover, the Beechworth Honey Shop's tasting counter promises an unforgettable sensory experience.

This experience is provided by Beechworth Honey Experiences