Beechworth Wines and Cellar Doors

Beechworth, Wine Cellar Doors

Speckled throughout the mineral laden hills of Beechworth are many family owned vineyards and cellar doors, making high quality artisan wines. The most famous Beechworth varietals are Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, however innovation runs deep in the veins of the local vignerons and many experimental and unusual varietals can be enjoyed.

In contrast to the surrounding valleys, Beechworth is geographically defined as a hillside wine growing region. Its ancient geology is bony, weathered ground with meagre vineyard soils of degraded granite, shale and slate and free draining gravelly slopes. These soil types naturally restrict yield and each vineyard produces concentrated, intense wines.

The Beechworth climate allows for warm, sunny days to reliably ripen the crop, as well as cool nights which temper any heat and produce wine grapes with natural balance and elegance.

Cellar Doors are dotted throughout the rolling hills. Some are open to the public, mainly on weekends and some are by appointment only. Alternatively the Cellar Door Wine Store stocks an excellent selection of local wines.