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16 - 21 June 2021

The inaugural Winterwords will be held in June 2021 in Beechworth and Stanley Victoria.

Winterwords is a celebration of words in all their forms and functions!

Come and experience a week full of talking, listening, watching, and doing! Attend a panel discussion, participate in a workshop, listen to music, hear a play, listen to a story or a poem, see an art exhibition, visit the library or the Stanley Atheneum, play a word game, talk to an author, laugh, play, eat, drink, and soak in Beechworth and Stanley’s wonderful history mixed with contemporary ambience!

Winterwords aims to be inclusive and accessible, using local artists, writers and performers, and ensuring a diverse focus including children and young people, older people and the aged, Indigenous people, descendants of British early settlers and other migrants, and people of the many diverse languages, cultures and backgrounds that make up our communities.


Program of events

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For all media enquiries, please contact:
Janet Tweedie  |  [email protected]