Nearby Towns and Villages

Beechworth, Nearby Towns and Villages


Beechworth is surrounded by charming towns and villages all rich in history, authentic food and wine experiences, arts, cycling opportunities, nature and outdoor adventure. Chiltern is great for exploring with it's historic buildings, antique stores and mining heritage. Rutherglen is a world renowned wine region producing stunning table wines and famous fortifieds such as port, muscat and topaque. The quaint village of Stanley is home to amazing produce. Apples, cherries and all kinds of berries abound in season. Yackandandah is an eclectic mix of historic streetscape combined with a vibrant art and music presence.

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Beechworth, Nearby Towns and Villages

Wander through the charming streets of Chiltern and you will be whisked back in time, to the booming period of the gold rush era. This fascinating, small town is distinguished by carefully preserved streetscapes from the mid-19th Century and honours the solid value of its mining heritage and tells the story, the struggles and joys, of the early pioneers. Explore Dow's Pharmacy with its original fittings and vast array of pharmaceutical equipment from days gone by, the Federal Standard Building, which housed the provincial newspaper and printery and the Athenaeum Museum which houses a significant collection of historical items and memorabilia that helps tell the story of Chiltern and its people.

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Beechworth, Nearby Towns and Villages
Rutherglen and Wahgunyah

The Rutherglen wine region is home to a strong tradition of passionate family-owned wineries, with some of the first vines planted over 150 years ago. Scratch the surface of this rich history to discover new & unique varietals and innovative next generation winemakers. Rutherglen’s low land and long, dry Autumns, combine to create perfect conditions for their rich reds. Their durifs and range of fortifieds are famous on the world stage, with many awards and accolades held by the various wineries.

The quaint village of Wahgunyah is situated on the banks of the majestic Murray River. While away an afternoon with a delicious picnic and a bottle of local wine at Willows Reserve or Grantham's Bend. Head a few kilometres south and you'll find the popular Lake Moodemere. Bird watching is a particular highlight with more than 140 species identified on and around the lake, or throw a rod in and try your luck in hooking the popular redfin.

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Beechworth, Farm Gates & Farmers' Markets

Follow the winding, bending road for just ten kilometres south of Beechworth and you will come across the small village of Stanley. This tight knit farming community is famed for its produce, with cool climate and fertile soils providing the perfect conditions for growing apples, stone fruit, berries and nuts. Hop from farm gate to farm gate and pick up some apples and nuts during Autumn and delight in sweet stone fruits and berries during the warmer months. In summer you can even pick your own berries and cherries at select farms. You'll be astounded by the beauty of these orchards and opportunity to learn direct from farmers themselves about where your food comes from.

Yackandandah's commercial centre has been classified by the National Trust and features many well-preserved buildings which date back to the mid and late 1800s during the height of the town's gold mining era. Yackandandah is home to many acclaimed artists, from potters to painters, sculptors to stitchers. Wander the stunning streets of Yack and discover unique artworks in the eclectic galleries, shops and studios. Music is at the very heart and soul of Yackandandah. You will often hear the sound of the local musicians jamming together at the pub or buskers on the footpath on a sunny afternoon.

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