Essential Oil Distilling 

66 Ford street Beechworth Victoria
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$145 - 145

  • 7 Jan 20242:30pm - 6:30pm

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Immerse yourself in the ancient art of essential oil distillation at our captivating workshop day, where the secrets of aromatic alchemy come to life through the gleaming copper coils of a traditional alembic still.

Join in for a hands-on experience that promises to awaken your senses and deepen your understanding of the magical world of essential oils.

Under the expert guidance of their seasoned distillers, you'll learn the intricate process of extracting precious essential oils from nature's bounty. Witness the mesmerising dance of steam as it travels through the meticulously crafted copper alembic still, transforming vibrant botanicals into concentrated elixirs. Engage in hands-on activities, from selecting the finest herbs and flowers to operating the alembic still with care and precision.

Amidst the learning and exploration, a delightful interlude awaits – a thoughtfully curated lunch that harmonises with the day's aromatic theme. Relish a gourmet feast that features culinary delights infused with botanicals, enhancing each dish with a symphony of flavours.

Their copper alembic still workshop is not merely a lesson; it's a sensorial celebration that connects you with nature, tradition, and the incredible power of botanical essences. Imbued with newfound knowledge, return home with a deeper appreciation for the art of distillation and a collection of handcrafted essential oils that capture the essence of the day.


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